Woman in Revelation

June 15, 2013 - The Holy Spirit quickened to me the following this date:

    In Revelations Chapter 12, the woman first seen in heaven, then on earth, was the church (God's kingdom, Holy Ghost), and the Son that she had was Jesus upon His resurrection, not His birth (Revelations 12:5). The red dragon was the devil (Revelations 12:3). The devil took one third of the angels, who were fallen, and had become his demons, and came to earth to try and stop Jesus from His resurrection, and devour Him (Revelations 12:4), as that was the devilís downfall. The birthing pains were the persecutions of the church by the devil and his demons. Jesus when born (resurrected) was taken to heaven to the Father (Revelations 12:5), and the devil then was cast out of heaven along with his fallen angels (Revelations 12:7-9). The resurrection of Jesus began the church age, and the blood of the lamb overcame the devil (Revelations 12:10-11). The devil then began to persecute the church (woman) (Revelations 12:13). The following persecution of the woman's seed of course is the devil persecuting the church (Revelations 12:17). This was a new revelation to me by the Holy Spirit, and was new to me. Thank God for the Holy Spirit to help us understand the Word.

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